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The Upper Rooms

November 13 2017
    The Upper Rooms

    The Bible contains many instances where significant events have taken place in an 'upper room', not just the Jerusalem Upper Room. It seemed good to recount several of these. I've included scripture, a precis and some themes in each instance.

    Acts 20:7-12 Eutychus in Troas, falls asleep as Paul is preaching in the upper room and falls out of the window and is dead. Paul's faith and actions bring Eutychus back to life. - Miracles, Healing, Faith

    Judges 3:12-29 The Lord raises up Ehud after Israel cries out in repentance. Ehud takes vengeance against Moab by assassinating Eglon, the King of Moab in the upper room. - Victory

    2 Kings 4:8-37 Elisha prophecies the birth of a son for the Shunammite woman in the upper room. He also raises the child from death in the same room. Miracles, Healing, Prophecy

    Mark 14:12-26 The disciples meet with Jesus for the Passover in the upper room. Jesus prophecies his betrayal and the sacrament of The Lord's Supper is instituted. Prophecy, Fellowship

    Acts 9:36-43 The disciple Dorcas (Tabitha) becomes sick and dies. Her body is laid in an upper room. The disciples know that Peter is nearby so call him to come to the town of Joppa. Peter prays and Dorcas is brought to life. Miracles, Healing, Faith

    2 Kings 1:1-18 Ahaziah, King of Judah falls through the lattice of the upper room and is severely injured. He is taken back to his bed in the upper room and calls upon Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron as to whether he will survive his injuries. The Lord sends Elijah to admonish Ahaziah for his idolatory and to prophecy Ahaziah's death. Ahaziah dies. Idolatory, Prophecy, Justice

    Daniel 6:10-23 When Daniel learns of King Darius's decree on worship Daniel takes himself to his upper room in prayer. When the King learns of what must happen to Daniel according to the laws he has signed he prophesies that The God of Daniel will deliver him. And as we know, The Lord did deliver Daniel from the lion's den. Prayer, Deliverance, Prophecy

    Acts 1:4-14 Jesus prophecies the Holy Spirit coming upon the disciples as they gather in the upper room in Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit does indeed fall upon the group and many miracles abound. Prophecy, Miracles, Spiritual Gifts

    We look upon the Bible as a testament, both old and new of God's relationship with His people. Yet the faithful continue daily in leaving a testimony behind. What does our testimony relate? Do we live in expectation of prophecy, miracles, healing and victory?

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