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The Future of Forestry

It takes a lot to get me bothered about poetry. But every now and again you happen upon a gem. One such is The Future of Forestry by Clives Staples Lewis. It's a beautiful poem which combines the themes of nostalgia, ages past and hope in the future.

May 19 2017
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Jesus and the swords

We're so used to reading about Jesus being a man of 'peace and love', both from the Bible and also from our culture. A surprise then to see in the Bible Jesus telling his disciples to sell their cloaks and buy swords!

May 08 2017
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Everyone needs compassion

Recently I was leading the congregation in singing a wonderful chorus called Mighty to Save. The first line goes "Everyone needs compassion…"

And it go me thinking, what does God’s word say about compassion? A couple of scriptures came to mind, first was Zechariah’s Prophecy regarding the birth of the Prophet John in which the Lord shows compassion to all of the earth.

May 08 2017
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