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What a wonderful God we serve! Who gives us such undeserved grace and loves us beyond understanding!

November 23 2017
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I'm not ashamed

It's a sad state of affairs we've come to in Britain when the unsubstantiated claim of 'harrassment' or 'offence' is used to shut down dissenting voices to the current zetgeist. I don't think I've seen or read about, in the 20 odd years of being a Christian, so many preachers of God's word being harrassed or arrested by the Police.

November 17 2017
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The Upper Rooms

The Bible contains many instances where significant events have taken place in an 'upper room', not just the Jerusalem Upper Room. It seemed good to recount several of these. I've included scripture, a precis and some themes in each instance.

November 13 2017
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