Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Duplicate Emails in Opera Browser Mail Client

If you have been using the built in mail client in the Opera Browser then you may have noticed that sometimes you get duplicate emails appearing. It happened with me where I was using the Opera email client to access my GMail account through IMAP. I'd see two, or even more identical emails with exactly the same time stamp when viewing through the All Messages / Unread or Received filter.

It seems that this is an issue caused where the email account uses labels and then Opera's client maps to those labels as well as the inbox. So if you get an email in GMail that you automatically label then Opera sees it as 2 emails - one in the Inbox and another in the mapped label folder. You may also get a third as Opera maps by default to [Google Mail]/All Mail.

So if you unsubscribe to the [Google Mail]/All Mail folder then you should see a reduction in this problem happening. Not sure if it's going to sort it all but seems to have worked for me.

Hope this helps!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Unpublished Articles Showing in Joomla RSS Feed

I look after a couple of Joomla websites and there seems to be a bug that affects content sent through any RSS or Atom feeds.

If you have an unpublished article the feed picks it up and displays it either as full content or a linked snippet. Clicking on a linked snippet takes you back to the website where it can't find the article.

What I see is that the Joomla core uses the publishing date to determine if an article is 'live'. The RSS or Atom feed uses the creation date to determine the same.

So if you're tearing your hair out over unpublished articles being shown the you'll need to set the creation date to the publishing date.


Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Help With Twitter

I'm looking for some help with Twitter. Some retweets are different from others, any idea why?

Picture below shows the issue. The ones with the graphic on the left don't show up in the Tweet stream but the others marked with RT do. What am I doing wrong?

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Using Domains To Scam For Money Part 1

pond scum #1Image by Bill Strong via Flickr
It's not often I get emails of this ilk but these do cause concern and worry for some people. Here's the email:
Dear Sir/Madam
We are a internet service (software development, website design and development, wifi network works to promote the protection of brands, search engine optimization, etc.) company in China,
Several days ago we received a formal application submited by Robert Jiang who wanted to use the keyword "mswd" to register the Internet Brand and with
suffix .cn / .com.cn / .net.cn/ .hk/ .asia/ .info/ .tw/ .us/ .jp/ .fr/ .de/ ...domain names.
After our initial checking through Internet , we found that the keyword "mswd" to be applied for registration is same as your keyword.Accordingly,before we finish his registration,we would like to get your final decision about this,whether you mind his registration,if you believe his registration would affect your bussiness and produce conflict,then we could give your priority to register them,as the keyword is first used by your company.However,if you do not think so,please advise of that and then we will finish his registration.
For proceeding the next step, Please contact us by Fax ,Telephone or Email as soon as possible. Under the circumstance of no your reply during the next 5 working days ,we will consider you to give it up and finish his registration.
Yours sincerely
Checking Department

Basically what these pond scum do is to trawl through domain records and tell you that some punter has been in touch with them to buy up all the domains that contain your domain name word. How it could cause conflict with your business and may even harm it. But of course being kind and godly people they wish to offer you the chance to get these domains first. And of course you can use their service. Which you can bet is going to cost hundreds of pounds or dollars, unlike the few bob that your regular domain registrar will charge.

So my website offering website design and hosting is at http://www.mswd.co.uk, hence the 'mswd' in the email I received.

You know of course that there's no such 'Robert Jiang'  looking to buy up all the domains with 'mswd' in the url. But they want you to think so and rely upon your response to a fear or concern that they are trying to generate in people who may be unsure with all things internet.

So if you do get such a mail, bin it, mark it as spam, blacklist their email address, do whatever. Just don't reply to them. And relax!

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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Back to Feedly from iGoogle

You may have noticed my previous post where I had some issues with Feedly and sources that wouldn't disappear. In a huff I dumped Feedly and went back to iGoogle. Now I've found out that the feeds I couldn't delete were being autorepopulated because I was following them with Google Following.

So now I'm back to Feedly and feeling right at home!

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